Saturday, May 14, 2011

practice and improvement...

My awesome friend Erin (Hi Erin!) gave me a bunch of old t-shirts (really old ones for D's school), to play with...
given my recent wadder pile o'knits, I decided to practice with some 90-minute shirts.
love love love this handsome boy
I'm actually happy with the result! HOORAY!

I could fiddle with the pattern a little, but overall, I'm happy. now I need to make some from regular fabric (ie, solid) so I can put some dinos on them, instead of old ads for an old kid run.....

I also fiddled with this dress... I was SO frustrated with this one....
The butterflies are on a SUPER thin jersey, VERY floaty and pretty, but NOT fun to sew.
I ripped out the whole collar, and gathered it up on my regular machine, and then used my serger to sew on a MUCH smaller neckband.

the waist part still needs work... This time I sewed a small elastic casing into the ribbing, but I think I might take that out, rip out the ribbing, and put smaller ribbing back in. The elastic wasn't comfortable, but the large ribbing is too big. I think gathering is the answer (as opposed to stretching)

such goofballs!
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