Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun with a sweater:

I started with this. a 100% wool JCrew sweater, sized adult M, $6 at a local thrift store. I LOVED the fair isle on the top, but assume the sweater was donated because of these hideous elbow patches?
close up of the fair isle...

so I cut it up to make the bean a pair of pants:

and after I took the picture, I realized something...

one person's hideous elbow patched sleeves are another baby's knee patched babylegs!

I serged the tops, but I think I should add elastic at the top to help them stay up. Not sure yet whether to make a casing for elastic, or get some of that clear elastic like in strapless dresses...

I have about 5 square inches of this sweater left... yay wardrobe refashion!

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