Monday, March 29, 2010

Another bunny

I saw this super easy bunny pattern on Martha's website, so, since I had JUST enough gold ball fabric, I had to make this one too...

The bean helped me stuff it! (so it's a little lumpy)...

now she thinks it's hers...


Thursday, March 25, 2010


I've pin-basted AND spray basted this quilt sandwich, but I still
haven't started quilting it!
A)I really struggled with the quilting design, but I think I've
settled on meandering diagonal lines.
B) how to quilt it. Should I do it by hand? It's REALLY big
(california King, 112ish" x 112ish"), so manouvering it through my
machine is going to be tricky
C) the bean likes it just the way it is on the bed (safety pins 'n'
all!). It's the perfect location for her to sit and shred a magazine
while I ponder quilting designs.

Last nights quilt blocks...

2 bee blocks (log cabin for Nicola, dots for Rache), and 3 Modify
Tradition Quilt Along blocks for me, using scraps my mom brought me
last week. I love red.

A birthday bunny for Tutu!

C's grandma's birthday is right around Easter, and she LOVES bunnies, and she's an avid golfer...

I saw a teeny scrap of this golf ball print at M&L last week (about 1/8 of a yard), and bought it to make it into SOMETHING for Tutu, and then realized it would make the cutest toy bunny for her...

I used this pattern, and some repro-feedsack fabric in light blue floral (her favorite color)...

the pattern was super easy, I definitely recommend it if you want to whip something up for Easter... all told, it took about an hour and a half, and I LOVE the result!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sale at Momen!

the 25-27, Momen is having a sale on all fabric-on-bolts! 20% off!!!! (and maybe a sale on pre-cut quarters, too)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Trying to save the day....

My daughter screamed her head off for most of the night, which means
we're all a little tired today... Cranky, out-of-sorts, unhappy.
So I managed to get both to nap at the same time, and now I'm getting
stuff done.
Collected the eggs (lovely and speckled), baked some bread, mixed up a
new batch, and then made this tester bunny. I need to make some
changes, but overall, I'm pretty happy with him.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My new ironing board!

My ironing board was sooooo dirty (old example with quilt blocks), so
I ripped it apart (and saved the edge), got some insul-bright and some
silver "ironing board cover" fabric, and put it all together. It's
awesome. Soooo sooo awesome.

my idea of heaven....

1323 El Prado Avenue,
Torrance CA 90501

Open Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm

(free sewing classes too!)

I bought several fat quarters (only $2 each!) and several regular quarters, and 1 yd of the owl print, planning on making one side of D's sunhat from that, but then he wanted trains...

Prices were as expected... obviously more than Joanns, but the quality is SO much better, the prices make sense... on par with a really nice fabric store (like the Cotton Shop in Redondo Beach), but with awesome Japanese fabrics...

It's a small space, but they really have it full of wonderful stuff...

I ran into Lori, from the LA Modern Quilt Guild... she and her friend were buying loads of Echino prints to make that quilt on the back wall....

they have notions scattered in and around, with random sales, so it's not necessarily intuitive, where you'll find stuff, but its SOOOOOOO much fun to browse! I'm sure they have a logic to their store organization, but it's all so very beautiful, I was perfectly happy to float from section to section and be surprised.... (the pic above shows some amazingly gorgeous sashiko prints)

at the end of the hallway here (which is lined with the ridiculously cute Japanese ribbon trims and bias and other awesome stuff like that), they have a classroom with oodles of sample bags, and there is a full bookshelf of Japanese craft/sewing books and patterns.... They have tons of felt toys/magnets/decorations/bags for sale as kits, too....

AND the people were super-duper-ooper-smuper (as D would say) nice, AND it's located next to an awesome bakery (Torrance Bakery), AND just past that is a park!


Sunhat for a baby with a big head.

D's head is already bigger than mine,(he's outgrown his adult small
bike helmet already), so it's hard to find sunhats that are appealing,
age apropriate, and will fit him. I made up this pattern last year,
but he outgrew it, obvi. Here's the new version. Green cotton
seersucker on the "inside," (it's reversible, but I think the linen
will be shown more), from joanns remnants, linen on the outside. The
train fabric was from Momen, today, but I only got 1/4 yd, so I did
the crown with the linen print, and the rest with natural linen I
already had... If anyone is interested, I can post the pattern... It
would fit an adult, and take about 2 hours to make....

National quilting day!

In honor of NQD, I'm going to do the following:
Appreciate the quilts on my bed
Go check out a new fabric store with my kiddos (just looking. Max of
$10 to spend)
Recover my ironing board
Do this week's modify tradition quilt along block
START QUILTING my "piepan" quilt!

Perhaps my list is overly ambitious.
Maybe I should just do the first one. My bed does have lovely quilts
on it. They're best appreciated from underneath....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ahhhh, bliss....

It's a lovely picnic-y day here in San Pedro. The perfect day for a
Busy Bee sandwich and a picnic at Averil Park. The perfect day for my
mother to walk the children down to the duck pond so I can admire the
rubber trees and get a little bit of stitching done.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My shirt..

Cause I'm a selfish seamstress at heart. I used the rose stencil in
the Alabama Stitch Book as inspiration, enlarging/drawing it freehand,
and then painting it in. LOVE IT!