Saturday, January 29, 2011

my crafty husband....

....made these for me:

I pruned the grapes, and he sat and wove these for me! Aren't they FAB! (we learned last year that he is MUCH MUCH MUCH better at wreath-making than I am. not sure why, he swears it's just a natural talent that he discovered last year, but I think secretly he MUST have attended wreath-making summer camps or something all through his childhood to be THIS good at them.
Lest you be unimpressed, thinking these are small little doodads, check this out:

see that big one? it's like 2.5 feet high! and sturdy! I can't WAIT to decorate it!

the little ones are over a foot high, and the middle one is probably 2 feet. LOVE my dude!

also, I made this teeny quilt block for one of my Bee's. it's for a tiny town quilt, and I decided every quilter needs a little quilting barn.
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libbydibby said...

this is great! I just made my own wreaths from our pruned grapevine. I'm curious to see what you decorated them with though - mine have remained empty on my front porch, not sure about what to do to them that isn't tacky.... did you finish them yet?

Ramona Burke said...
shows the rose wreath I made, and am IN LOVE with... the others, I'll wait to see if inspiration strikes... I want to make one with fabric strips, and I have an idea that someday I'll make one covered in crochet flowers.... we'll see....