Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cute toddler sailor pants!

I make D a LOT of pants, but here's the latest variant..
I altered my pants pattern to have a front and a back (most of my pants are the same front/back to make it easy for my two-year-old to put on his own pants... he's almost 3 now, so I decided he could handle the challenge of finding the front...), and he LOVES pockets now, so I had to add pockets.
I love all things vintage, but don't want him to look like he's in a silly costume... I also really like a lot of Oliver +S's patterns, but I always want to tweak them, so rather than buy and modify, I came up with this one ALL BY MYSELF!
I'm super proud of that, 'cause it's my first ALL BY MYSELF pattern-to-garment ever.
(my mom helped me make my wedding dress, and all previous solo-tweaking was based on store-bought patterns).
I'll post pics of my little dude in these as soon as I can get them on him in the morning!

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