Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am biased, admittedly.

But I'm pretty sure I have the world's cutest kiddos.

after making this dress yesterday afternoon, I rushed to make more for the Bean after bedtime. so here're my 2 more:
fancy stitch used for hem. I always forget to use fancy stitches, but I might as well, right?

back view. this one is reversible except for the pockets.

there may be small bribes in her pocket.... not telling.

she's just so infectiously cute!

I also love her elf shoes. I haven't posted about them yet, but I knit them up last week, and felted them, and LOVE them. they stay on and keep her feet warm!

I made a rose barrette out of leftover bias from the blue solids of both dresses, twisted together.

she's such a goof.

at least until she discovers the bribes in her pocket.

then it's time to hunker down and enjoy the treats.

she's starting to look more like a big girl, and less like my baby. :(

The Bean REFUSES to wear clothes lacking pockets. it's like a make-or-break feature of all clothing.

but she's VERY generous in her appreciation of said pockets.

here's a good view of the fabric. it's a scrap of echino double gauze from momen, paired with some REALLY cheap poly-blend solid blue. (scraps from my gram)

All in all, not bad, right? 3 dresses in 1 day? granted, not my best work, but my daughter is 2, so she loves them. and I know how to do them better next time.
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Sarah said...

THIS is the cutest dress I think I've seen! I love it to pieces!

And if it weren't for my daughter, I'd say yes, you DO have the cutest kids! :D

Following you :)