Monday, May 30, 2011

skirt refashion

just a quick one...
someone (1 of 3 friends, can't remember which one) gave me this skirt, adult size L, but with an elastic waist, so there was LOTS of fabric. (yes, friends give me large old skirts, JUST so I can cut them up. I have awesome friends).

here's the dress!

elastic shirring on the neckline, front and back
light and airy, perfect for summer

matching hair bow
I actually had enough of the skirt to make TWO (mostly) identical dresses (each with a bow). and since I don't remember who gave me the skirt originally, I'll be  sending one of these off to my friend Emily, for her little girl. 
just because.

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Emily said...

WAIT! This Emily? B/c I am Emily and I have a little girl! AND I owe YOU a package in the mail, not the other way around! Must. Get. To. Post office. ASAP! Sorry for the delay! :(

Ramona Burke said...

DUDE, I just realized that I have 2 friends named Emily with little girls.
LUCKILY, I have TWO dresses. Fate. (especially since my own little girl refuses to wear the dress, as it has no pockets).