Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm quilting along...

I decided to participate in the quilt along over at Modify Tradition...
My personal rule for it is that I can only use scrap fabric, but I've decided to use the red from the thriftstore in every block to unify it a teensy bit...
so here're the blocks so far.
Broken Dishes:

Eight Hands Around:

(I messed this one up, obvi, putting just about all of the border pieces the wrong way, but I was soooo frustrated with the piecing, that I didn't even care. Of course, after I finished it, I saw the post with the corrected measurements, and felt dumb, but... oh well... Sad b/c I LOVE the teal floral fabric, and that was my last little bit of it... and the center is a super soft piece of one of C's favorite shirts (that I'm cutting down to make into a shirt for D). Below is the same block, turned 90 degrees)

And here's a corrected Eight Hands Around.
I used the red from the thrift store, and a little bit of white scrap, and the chili peppers were scraps from making the aprons for my aunts...

I'm not a chilipepper person, but I really really love the way this block looks.
like, a lot.
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